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The Blinds Network Company

What kind of business do you want?

If you want to be your own boss and run your own business from home and want the benefits of a blinds franchise without being in a franchise with all the rigid constraints then this could be for you. We help you set up what is truly your own Blinds Business but you don't have to start from scratch and you continue as one of our business partners as long as you want to. This is self-employment with a difference and the difference is big - flexible working, flexible hours, independence, confidence building, customer service with a buzz and lots more.

We believe in win-win-win partnerships so you do well, your customer does well, we do well.

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About the Blinds Network Company

When you enter into a partnership you really want to be confident that the people you join up with are the best partners for you. Do they have the right experience? Will they be good guys to work with. Will they be able to deliver their side of the partnership? What will they be like to deal with if there's a problem? Can I be sure this venture will really work well for me? ... and so on.

Now for some answers.

The Blinds Network Company is run by a highly experienced and successful individual, Malcolm Morris.

The Blinds Network Company's Malcolm Morris

At one time Malcolm had worked for Hillary's Blinds but decided he would rather have his own blinds business (MDM Blinds). Malcolm's experience of the blinds business is extensive. What Malcolm doesn't know about measuring, selecting and fitting blinds, awnings, shutters, curtains etc isn't worth knowing. And, we are talking about any kind of blind; venetian, roman, vertical, roller, pleated, wooden. Malcolm isn't just technically strong though. He has a real knack for selling and delivering excellent service - leaving a trail of happy customers behind him - who of course come back again and again, and tell their friends to do the same.

It's little wonder then, that with Malcolm's talents, MDM blinds went from a standing start to a business turning over around half a million pounds per annum in 4 years.

So, some time ago, once MDM Blinds was really growing well and with this success under his belt, Malcolm decided he could grow a large chain of locally based blinds companies. But when he looked into the alternative ways to do it he decided that the venture would work best if it ran as a network of independent business partners in a Buyers Group.

Benefits of a Franchise, without the Franchise

Malcolm wanted to provide all the benefits of a franchise business without creating a franchise and without imposing any of the disadvantages of a franchise. He had the know-how and a winning formula to share but he didn't want to create an unwieldy and expensive business operation and he wanted to allow the members of the network to enjoy being truly independent business owners - leaving you with freedom and choices. So, after some trailing and testing of the idea the Blinds network Company Ltd was created.

Here's how Malcolm has made the Buyers Group aspect of The Blinds Network Company work so well. First, he has used his broad experience to select the best manufactures to buy from for all types of blind.

We are not a manufacturer of blinds

The Blinds Network Company isn't a manufacturer, or tied to a manufacture so it can pick and chose what to supply. Blinds vary greatly in terms of choice, quality, ease of fit, reliability, durability, value for money etc. Buyers like Malcolm know what to look for and what to avoid.

The Blinds Network Company Ltd already has significant buying power from manufacturers. Malcolm has negotiated great deals with manufacturers which get passed on to its Business Partners. Malcolm knows from his own experience that when you are selling blinds to customers you sometimes need expert back-up, advise and support. So, he has set up The Blinds Network Company to be a pro-active intermediary between the Business Partners and the Manufacturers. As well as being pro-active The Blinds network Company has been set up to operate in a modern efficient labour saving way including such things as simple Internet based ordering and a simple accounting system that's already set-up ready for you to use.

Now is a great time to start your blinds fitting business

The UK blinds market is huge, with over £330 Million being spent annually and rising. At face value this is a big opportunity for anyone thinking of starting a blinds business. Even so, not all locally set-up blinds companies succeed. It's hard getting set up completely by yourself. Some manufactures will not sell to small start-ups and if they do will charge full list price. It can take a lot of time and money to find what does and does not work when it comes to finding customers. If things go wrong with an installation the mistakes can be costly in terms of money and reputation.

Again, this is where the experience Malcolm has is so valuable together with the buying power of the Blinds Network. As a Business Partner in the network you will be advised and guided how to get set up and running and specifically how to find new business and keep the customers you gain.

So, if you want to set up your own blinds business you really can't do better than to becomes partners in The Blinds Network Company. If you are interested in becoming a partner contact us now to see if your area is available.

Visit the Blinds Network Company contact page here or call 0800 781 2183 to find out more.

The Blinds Network Company

Contact The Blinds Network Company by telephone on 0800 781 2183

Tel: 0800 781 2183

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