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The Blinds Network Company

What kind of business do you want?

If you want to be your own boss and run your own business from home and want the benefits of a blinds franchise without being in a franchise with all the rigid constraints then this could be for you. We help you set up what is truly your own Blinds Business but you don't have to start from scratch and you continue as one of our business partners as long as you want to. This is self-employment with a difference and the difference is big - flexible working, flexible hours, independence, confidence building, customer service with a buzz and lots more.

We believe in win-win-win partnerships so you do well, your customer does well, we do well.

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A Business Partnership with a proven track record.

Could this be for you?

A sucessful business agreement sealed with a handshake

If you are self-motivated, practical, healthy, good with people, like variety and are looking for a pleasant straight forward way to earn good money then becoming a Business Partner with the Blinds Network Company could be for you. I'll help you set up your own blinds business and show you how to turn it into a business that helps you achieve your goals. And with us you choose your goals - whether they are to establish a business that enables you to follow an easy lifestyle of your choice or build a business that generates very high earnings and becomes your own private pension fund.

"Never learn with your own money"

So many people setting up their own businesses learn the hard way by trial and error, often spending time and money on things that look promising on paper but don't work in practice. If you make too many mistakes finding out what doesn't work you can go out of business before you've even started. Starting your own business in a market you don't know makes it doubly difficult even when there is lots of business to be had.

If you become a partner with the Blinds Network Company things couldn't be more different from that. For a start, the guy running the business, Malcolm Morris will tell you he's learned all the lessons for you himself because he did do it the hard way. You won't be learning with your money because he learned with his money. Malcolm had lots of experience starting and running successful blinds businesses. Your money will get spent wisely getting you up and running the smart way - and it will be many times faster and easier than doing it yourself from scratch. But that's not all. You receive the correct mix of training and ongoing support to make you successful. When asked about it, Malcolm said

"I wanted to help other people set up their own window blinds business without the steep learning curve and wasted time, as well as money involved in trial and error. Coupled with the discounts I can offer business partners on their trade blind purchases, I have an appealing proposition to anyone looking to set up a profitable business."

Nevertheless, you are not locked into a rigid way of doing things. At all times remember that this is your own business, you may do as you wish. You may take advice from Malcolm or not, but it is in my best interest to offer training and support that will help you to be successful. The Blinds Network Company will take a management fee from its partners. The more money you make, the more the company makes, therefore this really is a partnership - in success.

At the Blinds Network Company I can specifically help and advise on the following but in a nutshell, most people do not look to start their own business because they are good at running businesses. They do so because they are good at doing something. I will help you run your business, take some of the time consuming elements away from you and try to leave you as free as possible to focus on doing the business of your business!

What I help with

Just look through the following and see for yourself what you get from being a Business Partner.

Where to Buy Blinds At Less than Wholesale

I have tried several suppliers and have negotiated discounts that I can pass on to you. I seek out and test new companies and currently have an excellent mix of quality and price. Because of my buying power I can usually supply you with blinds cheaper than they will deal with you direct. This in itself can offset the management fee.

Gaining Customers

The most expensive thing any business does is gain new customers. I have developed some good systems that constantly produce new customers for me, and I will actually manage your advertising for you to free your time and give you maximum return on investment.

Repeat & Referral Business

This is often overlooked and again, I have tried very hard to make this work. I currently receive about 40% to 50% of my work from existing customers and this figure is growing. I can help get you there quicker than I did!

Increasing Your Order Values & Profits

I have learned how to leverage my income by selling new product ranges and enhancing every sale. I can help you build more sales from the same amount of customers, ethically and without pressure.

Admin & Monitoring Of Your Business

I have systems in place that can help you monitor your business and get a greater return for any promotional spend you put in place.

I would like to stress that I will work with you on an individual basis. The basics will always be the same but regional differences occur. You will be working with someone who has actual experience in the blinds trade.

What I don't do

I don't dictate to you a series of rules about how you run you business. I believe you set up your own business because you really did want to be your own boss. So,

  • You don't have to wear a uniform (I don't have one)
  • You don't have to adopt my logos, corporate images or art work
  • You don't have to meet targets I set you - you set your own if you want to
  • You don't have to follow rigid procedures, rule books
  • You just concentrate on building your own windows blinds business in partnership with me.

How I Work Together with you


  • Research your area and recommend which advertising routes to follow
  • Book all of your advertising for you
  • Build a professional web site for you to promote your business
  • Discuss with you which suppliers are suitable for you
  • Work with you to get the pricing correct for your business
  • Share my experience to set you on the correct path from day one, cutting out a lot of expensive experimenting on your behalf
  • Share my methods of gaining repeat and referral business
  • Share my business generation tactics
  • Process your orders . . .

plus more - as this is your business my service can be bespoke, unlike that of a franchise operation.


  • Actually go and take care of customers
  • Pay for your own advertising
  • Pay for your own blinds at the time of ordering
  • Monitor your business, giving me the information I need to help you

The way I work is that the savings you make on the wholesale cost of your blinds will cover much, if not all of my fee. As I take a percentage, I am linked with you and have to ensure I support you. I like to think we are partners, but you are free to run your business how you wish. I will discuss this further if you like the sound of what I can do to help you, and contact me.

Visit the Blinds Network Company contact page here or call 0800 781 2183 to find out more.

Start-up help

You will receive

  • A licence to operate in your own area. You may work where you wish, but this ensures I won't put another partner in the same area to compete against you.
  • Sample books, swatches and sample blinds as appropriate.
  • A web site with your company name promoted in the search engines
  • Ongoing training as required to help you reach your income goals
  • A marketing pack to promote your business
  • Public liability insurance for the 1st year

On-going benefits

You always have help and support at the end of the phone, a regular injection of ideas and the comfort and enjoyment of being part of a community of like-minded mutually supportive people. The financial benefits of being in the Blinds Network become greater the more you sell because of the substantial savings on everything you buy.

The competition?

The blinds market is a competitive market - probably because it remains one where there is a lot of business to be had. The Blinds Network has been set up to be able to compete well against the other players in the market place on quality, price and services.

When it comes to your own choice of who to join I invite you compare what I offer with the alternatives. I believe that on financial side alone you will find I offer excellent value for money but perhaps more important in the long run I offer you the chance to achieve your own goals instead of someone else's.

What my Business Partners Say

Don't take my word for it. Ask the people who have already joined me.

"As I come up to my 5th year with the Blinds Network Company. I just thought I would drop you an email to say I think it was the best move I have ever made. We met each other when we both worked for Hillarys Blinds, I was sorry to see you leave them. But then I became disillusioned with Hillarys. I met you in Stevenage and you asked me to join the company you were setting up.

I can honestly say I have not looked back since. So once again, thanks for all you have done to help me get my own Blind Company up and running."

Ron Storey, Blind Inspirations.

"Deciding whether to join the Blinds Network Company? It's a NO BRAINER! It does what It says on the tin. A great way to do business."


"I'd tell a friend who was thinking of joining the network that they would have lots of re-assurance and confidence building a business on their own, because they'd not be on their own! Also I'd say it is very enjoyable and rewarding, plus they'd be in profit in 2-3 months"

Bob Dutton

"Working on your own is extremely difficult, it is a great asset to have someone looking after your ordering, helping with your advertising and generally allowing you to spend your time selling, and therefore building your business."

John Holmes

"I have only been trading for a few months, and after a shaky start, I am now finding the business both rewarding and satisfying. The on-going support from the Blinds Network Company is exceptional, there is always somebody available to ask questions or sort out problems, with many years of experience, there is probably nothing about blinds that at least one member of the group does not know. I would wholeheartedly recommend the Blinds Network Company if you thinking of starting a business in this area."

Tony Evans

"We believe that you could easily double your price and still get people interested. The value for money is sensational."

Kris Bennett

Costs and Earnings?

If you've already looked at the alternatives then I believe you'll see I am less expensive and much better value for money. When it comes to profits and earning you are largely in control. You decide your earnings objectives and i'll help you plan for them. Provided your earning expectations are realistic (this is a get rich slow scheme not a get rich quick scheme) you should be more than satisfied.

I'd love to tell you more, especially details about what it costs and what you can earn, but before I do that I need you to agree not to disclose confidential information. That's simple enough. Just get in touch and I'll take you to the next step - no obligation - no hard sell (I don't need to do a hard sell - this almost sells itself!)

Visit the Blinds Network Company contact page here or call 0800 781 2183 to find out more.

The Blinds Network Company

Contact The Blinds Network Company by telephone on 0800 781 2183

Tel: 0800 781 2183

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