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The Blinds Network Company

What kind of business do you want?

If you want to be your own boss and run your own business from home and want the benefits of a blinds franchise without being in a franchise with all the rigid constraints then this could be for you. We help you set up what is truly your own Blinds Business but you don't have to start from scratch and you continue as one of our business partners as long as you want to. This is self-employment with a difference and the difference is big - flexible working, flexible hours, independence, confidence building, customer service with a buzz and lots more.

We believe in win-win-win partnerships so you do well, your customer does well, we do well.

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Frequently asked questions about running a blinds business

FAQs for the Blinds Network Company

Q. What qualifies The Blinds Network Company to offer a business opportunity selling and fitting blinds?

A. Well, I've done it! If you read my 'about' page you can find out more about my business background, but basically I have run a successful blinds and awnings business for 12 years now, and have set up another 4 that have all made a profit.

Q.So why haven't you set this up as a franchise?

A. I believe in win win partnerships. If you buy a Franchise you are often constrained by the Franchise systems. This will often include hours of operation, uniform, equipment and stock to name a few. With the Blinds Network Company opportunity this is YOUR business. I will give you a system to follow and support just like a Franchise, but you are free to operate as you wish and I will adapt my support to help you and your business. You are in the driving seat at all times.

Q. So why don't I just set up on my own?

A. Good question and you are free to do so. But I would point out that you will pay more for your blinds from suppliers by not being part of our buying group which offers discounts on a complete range of blinds, shutters and awnings. Your individual turnover will never compete with the total of turnover of all of our business partners combined, which is what our discounts are based on.

There is also the question of our experience. There is a saying in business - never experiment with your own money! We have tried most things and wasted lots of money (thousands actually) so you don't have to. Our fee sets you up in business along the correct path from day one.

Q. So what is the support you talk about?

A. Too much to go into - you need to have one of our information packs (subject to signing a confidentiality agreement of course) which we are happy to provide. Email us or give us a call - you can get our details from the contact us page on this web site.

Q. How long is the agreement?

A. What agreement? Well, we do have an agreement but you are free to leave anytime you like if you wish to do so - this is YOUR business. Most business partners feel that the discounts available make it worth staying anyway, and our experience tells us that most people don't start a business because they are good at running a business. They start it because they are good at selling and fitting blinds and are happy to let us deal with the rest.

Q. Can I see accounts for your business?

A. No problem. You will need to sign a confidentiality agreement though.

Q. Am I under any other obligations such as having to buy minimum amounts or paying minimum fees?

A. Certainly not! It's your business and you run it at the level you want.

Q. What if I don't want to sell one of the products ranges such as curtains or awnings?

A. That's fine with us. We can either help you cover that item by supporting it from head office or through another party.

Q. What guarantee do I have that this will work for me?

A. The honest answer is that there can't be a guarantee of that sort because this is your business and you control it. However, we do guarantee to continue to provide support and to sell products at highly competitive prices as long as we are able to obtain them ourselves from the manufactures - and we can't see any end to that because we are free to choose who we buy from. Perhaps the most re-assuring thing we can say is that this business is fully tried tested and proven. You are not a guinea pig you following in the foot steps of successful people who will help you along the same path.

Q. What about holidays and sickness? How do I deal with them?

A. Fitting window blinds is obviously not an emergency service so a few days out of circulation don't tend to matter that much. If you were completely independent running your own business you'd just have to take the hit and lose money. Insurance can be obtained for long term sickness or disability and that's down to you. However, we do try to give some basic help with cover when we can and as time progresses Business Partners in adjacent areas can cover for each other.

We hope this has answered your questions, but feel free to contact us for a no obligation chat if you are interested in finding out more.

Visit the Blinds Network Company contact page here or call 0800 781 2183 to find out more.

The Blinds Network Company

Contact The Blinds Network Company by telephone on 0800 781 2183

Tel: 0800 781 2183

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